Welcome to this website all about Tradescantia virginiana and the Tradescantia Andersoniana Group.

I hope you find the information I provide useful, the photographs inspirational, and the journey interesting. As the newly accredited National Plant Collection Holder, I am on a mission to collect all known cultivars of hardy Tradescantia listed in the RHS Plant Finder over the last 20 years or so, many of which are no longer cultivated by plant nurseries and may prove difficult to find. However, they may still be available from small independent nurseries who do not list plants in Plant Finder, or fellow gardeners who bought plants many years ago and may not realise those particular cultivars are now threatened and could be lost forever.

As well as playing my part in helping to preserve the plants for future generations to enjoy, I will also revel in the detective work, the research and the joy of sharing all this with other interested gardeners. I hope you enjoy it too.

David Simpson

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