I am increasingly irritated by plant nurseries who send valuable, and often expensive plants riddled with weeds, particularly Hairy Bittercress which seems to prevail no matter how many times you weed it out! This example of Tradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Lucky Charm’ from a nursery in Essex is just one example of many I have received over the last two years and is how weeds get introduced into gardens. You innocently plant out your new treasure only to find it swamped with weeds a few weeks later.

Coming as I do from a Sales & Marketing background, I feel this is akin to any other product which is not fit for purpose and lacks any degree of quality control. It is widely accepted as ‘inevitable’ but I know one or two nursery owners who think as I do and would never knowingly sell plants in this condition. Yes, it takes time, trouble and effort to keep plants clean and free of weeds, but surely they have a duty to at least try. Otherwise, they are falling short of their responsibilities to their customers.

Or, is it me?!